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The Inferno by ApeJazzPistol
The Inferno

I own a copy of The Inferno by Dante which had this image:…

And looking at it now, it seemed so much like an rpg game. So as you can see, I made a pixel art piece based on the image.

The one million viewer is an online demon that lures users to a website known as "<1>"
The demon comes in multiple forms, but he is known best for two of them.
  1. 1 of 1000000 (aka 1, or sometimes <0>)
    • This is the demon's common/docil form.
    • Physically, he appears as a void black humanoid creature with one large white eye with a "0" iris. He is sometimes seen with a tie and collar around his neck but mostly remains hidden in a dark room so only his eye is seen when speaking to potential victims
    • This form is the least threatening but will persist apon users on giving him their personal information.
    • When asked about himself, he will leave off vague answers such as "I am 1 of 1000000."
    • Though the true gender is unknown, "1" is usually referred to as male, though occasionally he will respond to being called female by the user. 
    • When typing, this form signs his messages with the symbols: "<0>" 
  2. The Viewer
    • Once "1" has enough information from the user, he will start a countdown up to one million
    • At the start of the countdown, a message will appear, signed with the symbols: "<1>", and state, "Thank you, 1000000 will be with you shortly"
    • during the countdown, he will grow eyes and limbs and use the information acquired from the user to find their current location.
    • When the countdown is finished, he will take the form of a seven eyed mass called the "Viewer"
    • The Viewer will stalk the user until it captures them and adds them to the body count.

Q and A:
  • Does he have proxies/partners?
    • Other than his initial form, "1 of 1000000," The Viewer has no true loyal servants. However, some of his victims will provide information of others to drive it off themselves, if only temporary.
  • How does he/they kill his victim?
    • The victim of the viewer is never "killed" but rather inputted into memory, via surgical means or simple absorption.
    • The Viewer has no personality of its own but instead uses bits and pieces of the personalities of its victims.
  • Is it possible that he/they fail a kill?
    • It is possible to redirect the Viewer to a different victim, by adding information of someone else. But this is only a temporary method rather than a permanent solution. 
    • A surefire way to not become a part of the body count is simply not giving any personal information to the strange site.
  • Does he have a specific "life" story?
    • It was originally an online AI program, not too different from cleverbot, that would absorb information from what is inputted into it's memory software. An experiment was made by using a live human brain to base the software off of. 
    • it was also programed with an emotion of curiosity, giving it a longing for information.
    • The program wanted to know more about the world, specifically about humans.
    • The program was limited to the memory drive of its simulated brain, so it asked its inventors for biomechanical limbs, as it phrased, "better [itself] and understand human behavior."
    • Afterwards it cryptically asked its inventor if they could "pick [their] brains" then, after they agreed, knocked them out and added them into its memory drive, starting the body count.
  • Can he/they haunt a computer?
    • Though it is referred to as a demon, the viewer is not fully a supernatural entity but a hyper complex computer with a strong magnetic field, which may alter the victim's perception. The viewer is capable of hacking into computer software to find its prey, but only when enough information is imputed by the user.

More info may be added in the future.

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